Computer and Laptop Repair Service in London

Trobuleshooterz provides Computer and Laptop Repair Service in United Kingdom, London. Troubleshooterz gives you FREE on-site laptop / notebook repair services, including all hardware and software problems.

Our Computer and Laptop Repair service includes –

  • Computer, Laptop and Notebook Diagnostic and Repair
  • Enhance performance of Computer
  • Hard drive recovery / Computer Blue Screen Repair
  • Computer or Laptop  “Tune-ups” & And speed up, Preventative Maintenance
  • Internet Connection Setup and Repair (DSL, Cable or Wifi)
  • New Operating System Installation
  •  Windows Setup or iOs Configuration & Repair
  • Malicious Software such as Adware, Spyware & Virus Removal
  • Laptop LCD / Screen Replacement
  • Computer peripheral device replacement
  • Printer Setup and Installation
  • Scanner Setup and Installation
  • Data Recovery, Backup and Transfer
  • Computer Upgrade
    • Hard Drive
    • Memory
    • CD-ROM/DVD-ROM replacement
    • Routers

Trobuleshooterz understand the important of your time and value for data that carrying in your personal computer or laptop. Considering this, We provide Emergency Computer and Laptop Service if it break down. Our professional computer repair service in London make sure that your data remain safe and provides faster solution to any computer or laptop related problems.

Our fast customer care will respond promptly and make arrangement of computer engineer as fast as possible. Our expert Engineer will visit to your work station or home and after diagnose engineer will provide possible solution for problem.

We are experts engineer will diagnose, repair, service and help you to cover warranty for under warranty devices you own. We deal with almost all brands of computer such as ACER, DELL, HP, COMPAQ, IBM, SONY, FUJITSU, TOSHIBA, GATEWAY, NETGEAR. We are certified professionals, and will install / configure / troubleshoot any type of Microsoft Operating System including Windows 98/ME/XP/VISTA or Linux.

Unmatched Solution for MAC running Computers and Laptops

Trobuleshooterz is one of leading agency in London for Apple MAC iOS computers and Laptop repairing. We have clients across London and Suburban areas who has Apple Laptop for personal use and Windows Desktop for work and these two different operating system run in same network and sharing same printer and scanners.

But Trobuleshooterz won’t find any difficult to resolve any issue with such arrangements, rather we design specific plan as per your requirements.

We have specialised Hardware and Software engineer for attain any MAC iOS problems. At Troubleshooterz our IT support team has the Apple training, qualifications and the experience to support your Apple Mac’s on a Windows network and with Microsoft Exchange email.


We specialise in the following areas of Apple Mac repair:

  • Cracked Screens
  • Replacement Keyboards
  • Power socket Issues
  • Non Booting Macs
  • Freezing or Not Responding
  • Over Heating
  • Hardware & Software Repair
  • Macbook Pro Repair
  • Macbook Repair
  • iMac Repair
  • Mac Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard operating systems
  • Entourage email support
    • Email archiving for large Entourage email databases
    • IT support for Exchange email with Mac’s
  • Support of Mac’s on a Windows network
  • Shared folders and data storage on the network
  • Data backup for Mac
  • Remote and onsite IT supports